AAnn (AAnn Empire: capitol is Blasusarr)
Sallow-skinned, reptilian beings, about as tall as the average human. They are covered in scales, with large ventral plates on the belly. Clawed four-fingered hands, sharp teeth, short snouts, excellent eyesight. The tail is several feet long and narrows to a whip-like tip. The eyes are slitted, with double eyelids evolved to protect against blowing sand. The female has wider hips than the male. They prefer dry, desert-like worlds with low humidity

Astuet (?)
Semi-intelligent. No description currently available.

Branner (Branner Systems)
No description currently available.

Canali (?)
Primitive race. No description currently available.

Cetacea (Cachalot)
Whales, dolphins, orcas, and porposes native to Terra, transplanted to Cachalot and intelligence- enhanced.

CunsnaC (Cachalot)
Starship-sized and spherical, they glow with natural illumination, pale yellow in color. Cilia line much of the epidermis. The internal structure is very complex with organs moving about. Each organ is a different color; most are pastels.
Foranian (Foran III)
No description currently available.

Deyzara (Fluva, other worlds)
Short, big-eyed, and hard-worker, Deyzara can be found on many worlds doing the work other species can't be bothered with...and doing it well. Oval skulls sport two appendages: one on top for breathing, that allows them to "snorkel" in water, and a second protruding from the approximate chin region that is used for eating and speaking.

G'Dimian (G'Dim)
No description currently available.

Golden Saia (Tran-Ky-Ky)
A warm-weather variety of the Tran species. The fur is sparse and thin, bare in some places, and butter-yellow in color, with spots of gold and brown. They have no wings or skating-claws.

Human (Terra)
Upright biped. Hands have four fingers an opposible thumb. The epidermis comes invarious shades of brown, and body hair is light and sparce, except in certain areas.

Largessian (Largess)
Quasi-pinnipedian, but larger than Terran analogs, with a bigger head and prehensile hands.

Mai (Horseye)
Slim humanoids with six-fingered hands. They are smaller than Terrans. They have small ears and eyes.

Midworlder (Midworld)
Human, smaller than normal, with lightly-greenish skin and longer, nearly prehensile toes.

Mothian (Moth)
Fur-covered, possibly humanoid.

Ma'Atahl (?)
No description currently available.

Mutable (?)
Possibly a Xunca construct. Its natural state is a four-meter tall silvery column with two grey spots near the top. The skin feels like warm vinyl, constantly in motion. They are very heavy. A true shape-changer, they can change shape, size, and color to match anything. The internal arrangement is said to besimilar to stone.

Na (Horseye)
The males are four meters tall, with leathery skin and thick hair. The head has a low forehead and a blunt snout, and the mouth has four canine teeth, two upper and two lower, and a dark tongue. The children are said to be ugly.

Otoid (Alaspin)
Vaguely humanoid, about half as tall as a man. Full body fur except for the tail, which is bare. Each had has ten fingers, with three joints to each finger. The eyes reflect green.

Pitar (Pitar System)
Human to 96.3%. They are well-formed, handsome and muscular.

Primate (Carson's World)
Small and monkey-like, with two six-toed feet.

Quillp (Chikasakasoo)
A rounded, swaybacked body on two long, feathered legs. The knobby knees are at the height of a man's waist. A long, thin neck ends at an elongated skull with a short, curved, inflexible beak in front, ruffled plumage behind. Long, thin arms evolved from wings. No external ears.

Sakuntala (Fluva)
Two meters and taller. Fine gray fur mottled in many colors. Long, pointed ears set on sides of head provide superb hearing. Extremely lean musculature evolved for living in trees. Traditionally combative, especially among themselves.

Sumacrea (Longtunnel)
Bipedal, human-sized. Blind, aboriginal troglodyte tunnel dwellers.

Thranx (Hivehom)
Insectoid, about a meter-and-a-half in length when down on all six legs. Color is blue in males, aquamarine in females. Chitin color deepens to purple in old age. Vestigal double set of wings, ritually removed after mating. The head is valentine-shaped, with large, compound golden eyes sometimes banded with red. Four pairs of appendages; two truhands, four trulegs, and a set of intermediaries that can function as an additional pair of arms or legs. Most are terrified of substantial bodies of water, though some have learned to overcome this particular innate racial fear.

Tlel (Gestalt)
Slightly shorter than human average bipedal race with flattened, disc-shaped heads, oval ears, and manipulative cilia instead of the primate hand-finger graspers. No sense of smell, but are sensitive to electrical fields. Unusual among intelligent alien races, though they often fight among themselves, the exceptionally easy-going Tlel welcome human colonists.

Tolian (Tolus Prime)
About one and a third meters tall. Resembles an oversized, portly raccoon. The hands have six fingers, and are at the ends of massive forearms. The rear feet are webbed. The face has no "mask", the ears are sharply pointed, and the brow is high and intelligent.

Tran (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Somewhat taller than a human, but much broader. Thick arms end with three fingers and a thumb. Folded, membranous wings are between the wrist and waist (called a "dan"). The feet are short, with three elongated toes. Each toe has an elongated nail that folds back, forming a skate. The fourth toe is at the back of the heel, and is used as a brake while skating. The body is covered with steel-grey fur that is short and soft. The face has slitted, yellow eyes with black pupils. The face has a broad flat nose, a high brow, and a wide mouth with both flat and pointed teeth. The ears are triangular. A few Tran have black fur over the muzzle and on the eartips. Some males grow beards. The females have humanoid breasts, and the breasts are also fur-covered.

Troglodyte (Long Tunnel)
No description currently available.

Tsla (Horseye)
As tall as Terrans. covered with short brown fur, except for the forearms and forelegs. The neck is curved forward. They have a tail and six stubby fingers per hand. The ears are round and set on top of the head. A 1/4 meter flexible snout has nostrils on the end. The mouth is underneath. Eyes are large and brown.

Ujurrian (Ulru-Ujurr)
Ursanoid mammal, many times larger than a man, and two or three times as broad. Dense brown fur with black and white splotches. The head has a flat muzzle and a tiny nose, large eyes, and small rounded ears on top. They have short, thick claws and seven-digit members. The Ujurrian is capable of walking on all fours or erect.

Unop-Patha (Unatha)
No description currently available.

Vssey (Jast)
Vssey are about a meter and a half in height. Roughly cylindrical in shape, the lower body, or stem, is roughly two-thirds of a meter in diameter. At the creature's base, this spreads out and separates into four short, stubby, opposing, toe-like flaps of flesh. The body itself is ridged with ligaments and muscles. At the upper end, it expands outward into a meter-wide flattened dome that resembles an ancient human umbrella. The overhanging, circular edge of this dome is fringed with manipulative, prehensile tentacles. The Vssey are a slow-moving but especially dexterous species. There is no neck. Near the crown of the dome a pair of eyes emerge on short, independently swiveling stalks allow the Vssey to see in any direction, as well as in any two directions at once. Located above the flexing tentacles but well below the eyes, in place of readily recognizable ears, is a narrow comb-like ribbon of erect, dull orange membrane that runs around the entire circumference of the dome, making up in extent what it lacks in height. Below the eyes is a slit of a mouth that, when open, reveals two sets of flat grinding plates for chewing food. The asexual Vssey reproduce by individual budding. In place of family, they tend to aggregate in mutual support groups of which three is the minimum number.

Alaspinian (Alaspin)
No description currently available.

Comagravian (Comagrave)
Tall, slim humanoids with horizontally slitted eyes.

Falan (Empire of the Three Suns)
Large, powerfully built, bipedal, three-fingered lifeform with gray skin and small dark eyes beneath heavy boned brown. Aggressive and expansionist. Occupy five worlds located just outside Commonwealth boundaries. Nearest inhabited Commonwealth world is Drax IV.

Hur'rikku (? Shapely Center)
About half human-size, with three sexes. Taxonomy undetermined.

Tar-Aiym (? Somewhere in the Blight)
Looks somewhat like a cross between a Kodiak bear and a crab. Large and powerful. The trunk is broad and deep. Lines of muscle are visible in bare patches. Most of the body is covered with centimeters-long bristly white fur, that changes to light brown in spots. Plastrons of shell cover the chest, with in color. The fur there is less dense. It has four thick, jointed, armored, bare legs. Two arms are tentacles that branch immediately in two, and again 4/5 of the way down to become digits. The head has a curved, white beak, and four eyes. The eyes are set on either side of the beak; two large ones with slitted pupils in front, and small, round-pupiled ones on the sides. The eyelids are fur-covered. No external evidence of ears or nostrils.

Vom (Origin unkown)
Black, amoeba-like creature several thousands of square meters in size. It has no visible organs.

Xunca (Origin unkown)
No description currently available.