Bibliography - works.
Alan Dean Foster.

Twelve short radio plays - Scenes from American History - Audio Bi-J Inc., Sweet Home, Oregon, 1973

Star Trek records (scripts for) - Passage to Moauv, In Vino Veritas, The Crier in Emptiness - Power Records, 1975

Star Trek records (scripts for) - To Starve a Fleaver, The Logistics of Stampede, A Mirror for Futility - Power Records, 1976

Star Trek - The Motion Picture - original story treatment - Paramount, 1978

Thrump-o-Moto - screenplay from the children's book by James Clavell - Rankin-Bass Productions, 1988 (unproduced)

The Marexx - computer game - MagicMaker Inc, 1996-97 (producer, director, writer)

Our Lady of the Machine - story adapted for opening episode of Sci-Fi Channel series Welcome to Paradox; first shown on Monday nights in September, 1998.