Akadi (Midworld)
About the size of a German Shepherd, it has rusty-orange fur and black legs. A thick, flexible body with six thin, strong legs. Each leg ends in a gripping claw. It has three sets of eyes across the head, just behind the jaws. The animal has a double set of jaws: one set vertical, the other horizontal. The vertical jaws have triangular, razor sharp teeth. The horizontal teeth are square, have serrated edges, and curve back towards the throat. The bottom and horizontal jaws each have a set of three tentacles to grip food. The jaws can bite through anything. The animal's sight is said to be poor. They travel in herds of thousands, eating everything in their path. They change direction only if attacked, or if scouts find food denser in another direction. The animal's blood is green, with brown streaks.

Arkazy (Blasusarr?)
Animal probably lives in the desert. Refered to in a bit of philosophy.

Arwawl (Horseye)
A whale-sized fish with rainbow-hued scales. Found only in the deep waters of the Skar River. The dried flesh is sold.

Bee (Moth)
The variety found on Moth is fur-covered.

Bourf (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Possibly a farm animal. Said to smell terrible when neutered.

Breeder (Midworld)
About as large as a man. It has claws and pincers. The pincers contain white meat prized by the natives.

Brya (Midworld)
A four-clawed herbivore the size of a pig. It makes a squealing noise. It eats areal tubers.

Buna Floater (Midworld)
Has long, stinging tentacles, and collects hydrogen to fly.

Bushacker (Midworld)
A small animal.

Byorlesnath (Hivehom)
Animal trapped for fur.

Canish (Moth)
A small hyperactive carnivorous animal. It is said to be a danger to animals many times its size.

Carew (?)
A hyperactive animal used in laboratories. Its lifespan is normally two days.

Carrion Bug (Moth)
Its colors are red and blue.

Cephalopod (Cachalot)
A fist-sized fish with an ellipsoid body, and four fins at the back. In the center of the front is a round mouth. It has seven slitted, purple eyes with a tentacle behind each one. When mating, the male glows a shade of red; the female glows blue. the courting dance is a figure 8. The fish schools in the tens of thousands. For food they eat a finger-sized fish.

Chan-Nock (Midworld)
Tree-climbing reptile with a flat, arrowhead-shaped skull. Its back is camouflaged so it resembles a Tuntangcle Vine.

Chollakee (Midworld)
Predator animal with a loud howl.

Chromacule (Cachalot)
Nine-legged starfish with a single greenish eye in the middle of the body. On the tip of each limb is a glowing spot used to attract prey. The animal emits a humming sound, and can survive out of water for long periods of time.

Clouder (Midworld)
This animal is shaped like a thick mattress lined with hundreds of cilia. The bottom is camouflaged to look like the sky, the top is green and pebbled. When food is directly beneath it, it drops down and smothers it, digests it, and then returns to its branch.

Coivet (Ulru-UjuiT)
It has six legs, and is said to be ugly.

Corvat (Repler III)
A skate-like, schooling fish.

Crab (Dis)
Mustard-colored, with quadruple pincers.

Cruta (Midworld)
Fruit-eating animal.

Dangui (Horseye)
A "glass leech". It is related to the annelid worms, but with a cartileginous backbone. The backbone allows the leech to jump at the intended host. It is as long as a man's hand and thick as a thumb, and transparent. It turns red as it fills with blood.

Demichin Devilope (Moth)
The dominant animal lifeform. It is herbivorous, with no natural enemies. They are comparatively scarce. They run in herds. They are huge, with meter-long black fur, and ruby red eyes. The adult male can be 10 meters long, 6 tall. The skull has bony plates to protect the eyes, and between two and nine horns. No two animals' horns grow the same way. The forelegs are longer than the hindlegs, and can push over a fully-grown tree. A herd will eat for a week, then sleep it off. Males fight for female attention by butting their heads.

Devilfish (Repler III)
This fish will occasionaly try to wreck boats by ramming them.

Diverdaunt (Midworld)
A huge, powerful, slow-moving creature.

Doggish (?)
Domesticated animal kept as a pet.

Dorril (Horseye)
Huge flying carnivorous animal.

Drindar (Hivehom)
Said to be primitive and dumb.

Drizer (Moth?)
No other data currently available.

Droom (Tran-Ky-Ky)
A nocturnal carnivore. A large animal with thousands of needle-like teeth. It has red eyes, and is very strong. It also has three-toed feet.

Dryzam (Alaspin)
Grown females can reach 10 meters in length. They are yellow in color, and have two dorsal fins on their backs for cooling. The animal has five tiny eyes set in a semicircle across the top of the skull. They have a long, anteater-like snout, and are omnivorous. The animals are very loyal, and make good beasts of burden. They bear live young, and are associate animals with the Minidrag.

Durfarq (Moth)
The skin is used to make coats.

Ernlib (Hivehom)
Small furry herbivore.

Errilis (Willow-wane)
Dangerous animal.

False Cubble (Midworld)
It has natural camouflage so it looks like wood. It is an interlocking set of mouths, stomachs, and intestines.

Fleurm (Moth)
Legless animal about the diameter of a thumb, and about 16 inches long. Covered with thick, silvery fur. They have a small mouth with fine, sharp teeth. They are nearly blind, and shy.

Flowerkit (Midworld)
Egg-laying animal with two sexes.

Flyer (Moth)
They are grey-furred with membranous wings. They are about two inches long, and have large yellow eyes and two legs for grasping branches. They are herbivorous, and have large square teeth for cracking nuts. They swarm in thousands.

Flying Rodent (Moth)
Small natural glider. Makes a sqeaking noise.

Garvual (Repler III)
Large, carnivorous, wading bird.

Gemmae (Moth)
The fur is used for upholstry.

Gilirun (Tran-Ky-Ky)
A blind, double-bodied animal that moves over the ice by feel.

Glowmite (Midworld)
Incredibly tiny flying insect that inhabits the 7th level of the forest. They glow crimson and yellow.

Grazer (Midworld)
It is 2 meters long and five times the mass of a man. It has a cone-shaped body, a prehensile tail on the point, and a small, round mouth on the flat end. The mouth has four sets of molars. Thick brown fur covers all but the flat end. The brain is just behind the eyestalks ( two tentacles with an eye on each). Said to be very strong and fast. The meat is good to eat.

Grizel (?)
Animal of a Thranx planet, with multiple tails. Said to be ridden, like a bronco.

Gronpert (Repler III)
A native fish.

Gnarfish (Moth)
Has a high iron content.

Gattorrbyn (Tran-ky-ky)
Broad and batlike, with furry, streamlined bodies with a forked tail. They have leathery wings with a claw on each. The head is a cross between a wolf and a crocodile. It has a long snout with double rows of razor-sharp teeth.

Hessavar (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Animal whose hide is used in making shields and garments.

Hexalate (Cachalot)
Tiny animal whose exoskeleton is made of silicon. Tiny mineral deposits make them multicolored, and glow under ultraviolet light. The built-up remains form reefs.

Hexapodal Kookaburra (Midworld)
The animal has a slim, furry body half a meter long, with six legs ending in claws. It has a whiplike tail, and an aardvark's snout. It has three eyes, and just behind them is a ridge of flesh used to sense sound. They flock in herds, and can make a wide variety of sounds.

Hopper (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Monkey-like, cold-blooded animal.

Hyral (Horseye)
Multi-ton animal with six legs. The snout has sharp triangular teeth, and the eyes have narrow pupils. The eyes are located below bony ridges. It has long black hair and hooked claws. It eats fish.

lbzilon (Willow-wane)
Tree-climbing animal.

Ichthyornith (Cachalot)
A true "flying fish". Has a long, silvery body, wide wings, and a membrane sac for carrying oxygen-rich water over the back portion of the body. They travel in schools, and can stay aloft for long periods of time.

Inwicep Bird (Willow-Wane)
They have meter-wide feet, long necks, and thin blue tails. They can run across the water.

Kalankatht (Tran-Ky-Ky)
The name means "Beast-Which-ls-AII-Teeth-And-No-Tail." Large animal inhabiting a lake underground. It is basicly an eye, mouth, and stomach. The teeth are an average two meters long, and translucent. It has black flesh, and a blunt tail for maneuvering. There are small fins on the side.

Kinkeez (Moth)
Animal used as transport.

K'Nith (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Small, hairy, ratlike animal with a fearsome appearance Said to be affectionate, but tends to become upset easily. Kept as pets.

Koolyanif (Cachalot)
It floats just below the surface, changing color to match its surroundings. An internal "air compressor" is used to shoot spines.

Kossief (Tran-Ky-Ky)
The name means "ice worm". The body is three meters long, pale white with grey splotches. It has four eyes around the head, and four tentacles surrounding the mouth. The mouth is circular, with triangular serrated teeth. An orifice at the other end of the body exudes water. The animal burrows into the ice, then reforms a thin layer over it. When an animal walks over the burrow, it reaches up and grabs the prey, pulls it in, then reforms the ice layer to protect itself while eating.

Krep (Willow-Wane)
Small animal.

Krokim (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Flying animal with saw-edged teeth.

Lacoti (Horseye)
Black, water-dwelling creature said to be half the size of a starship. It has an enormous maw, tiny eyes, and uses camouflage of rocks, mudpoles, and vegetation.

Lance'EI (Alaspin)
A scaly, segmented, long-bodied animal with short legs. It has a long mouth and curved teeth. It also has red, glowing eyes.

Lekka (Horseye)
Have a rotund body and a double tail. Thin legs, with the forelegs longer than the rear. Blunt, furry faces. The animal loves to run.

Madandra (Cachalot)
Golden fish, used as food by orcas.

Mallost (Cachalot)
Very large, dangerous animal. It possibly has tentacles.

Malrake (Repler III?)
A type of fish.

Macaques (Thalia Major)
Tree-dwelling animal.

Malming (Horseye)
Large, carnivorous, flying animal.

Meepah (Moth)
A two-legged fleet footed animal used for short range transport.

Megalichthyian (Cachalot)
One of the largest animals on the planet. It has many sharp teeth, several eyes, and a single tusk with a sharp edge protruding from the lower jaw. It also has fins and a tail.

Megorph (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Slithering animal.

Meworif (Tran-Ky-Ky)
It has a sausage-shaped body with a balloon sac running the length of it. It floats amid the Pica-Pedan forests using ten two-meter legs for maneuvering, and anchoring while feeding. It also has fins and a tail.

Minidrag (Alaspin)
These are flying snakes, capable of spitting a very corrosive venom. The venom is the most potent on Alaspin; a corrosive neurological poison. There is an antidote, but must be administered within 100 seconds. The minidrag is about a meter long, with a diamond-shaped pattern of pink and blue scales. They are said to be rather standoffish, and their reputation is far in excess of their disposition or numbers. The birth rate is low, and they bear live young with as many as six to a litter. They are empathetic telepaths, and are associate animals with the Dryzam. The minidrag may be the result of selective breeding by the now extinct natives of Alaspin.

Mossmel (Hivehom)
Animal trapped for fur.

Motocruller (Horseye)
Tiny, superfast, clamlike bivalve. It is phosphorescent, and makes whirlpools of light.

Mottl-Bird (Moth?)
No data currently available.

Maccax (Moth?)
A squat, toad-like creature with two legs and a balancing tail. It hops, and makes a good riding beast. Said to be very durable. It sleeps standing up.

Mud-Duck (Repler III)
Possibly nocturnal.

Mueinot (Willow-Wane)
Tree-climbing animal.

Najac (Ulru-Ujurr)
No data currently available.

Napper (Horseye)
Tiny crustacean with a multihued shell. Makes a doglike bark.

Ninamu Pheromonite (Cachalot)
A swimming pseudoworm. They grow up to half a meter long, and are fairly rare. They are very supple, with hundreds of feathery streamers on its sides. The filaments are blue, with yellow and pink spots. As a mating call, it exudes a powerful fragrance prized by humans.

Obowier (Moth)
A fish that feeds regularly on Pinestrals. Lives in the big lakes.

Palinglass (Midworld)
A carnivorous animal "that imitates nothing".

Pinestral (Moth)
Fish with a silvery color. Huge, long, and round, with winglike fins that protect the gills. A small one is 15 meters. The meat is lean and not fatty. It is considered a midrange predator.

Pfeffermall (Midworld)
No data currently available.

Photoid (Midworld)
A gigantic living gas bag, roughly ovoid in shape. It has sail-like fins on the back and sides. The bag is compartmentalized. Beneath the bag is a mass of rubbery tissue from which hang long tentacles. The bag and larger tentacles are light blue and translucent. The Photoid is very strong, and can focus sunlight through the bag. It generates gas (probably hydrogen) to keep itself airborne. It's not very intelligent.

Po'Pione (Drax IV)
A dangerous animal.

Popper (Moth)
Head-sized, with a thin snout and needlelike teeth. Black fur with yellow and orange. By inflating two sausage-shaped sacs attached to the spine, they can become airborne. By controlling the amount of air in the sacs, the animal can control its speed and direction. They live in vertical burrows. When food is secured, they release the air in the sacs in a series of rapid pops that sound like whooshing, and dive into the burrows.

Phylope (Moth)
A deerlike animal.

Pim-Bird (Tehuantepec)
A small bird with a rainbow-hued crest, bright gold tailfeathers, and a dull gold body. It's call is a whistled "ee-kwoo, ee-kwoo," The term "Pim-bird" is not the bird's true name; that is much longer, and incorporates part of a song. The birds are sacred to the natives, and are closely tied to a legend. They are believed to contain the souls of past kings and queens.

Prewq (Horseye)
Draft animal used for plowing.

Produbia (Wolophon III?)
Carnivorous animal.

Pyrrm (Moth)
The pelt is used to make coats.

Qon (Tran-Ky-Ky)
A hand-sized quasi-rodent. The eat Pica-Pedan, and prefer sick stalks.

Ribbon Fish (Cachalot)
They grow up to 25 meters long, and 5 cm thick. The have blue and green coloration, and several dozen needle-sharp teeth. They live at a considerable depth.

Rock Worm (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Leaves a trail of slime as it moves.

Running Bird (Moth)
Domesticated animal, kept as pets.

Salp (Horseye)
The skins are grey in color, and traded.

Sand Hog (?)
No data currently available.

Sandrush (Horseye)
Three meters long and big as an arm. Has suckers along the ventral side. It can expand to swallow prey many times its size. Said to be very hard to kill.

Saniff (?)
No data currently available.

Serash (Horseye)
They are hunted for the ivory. The word may mean "ivory."

Shrin (Willow-wane)
Tree-climbing animal.

Silverslith (Midworld)
The body is very flexible, and up to 50 meters long. It can grow to a diameter of l/5th the size of a Pillar Tree. The body is covered with thousands of cilia, and the head has randomly set eyes and mouths. Each mouth is surrounded with many tentacles. It is said not to sleep, and not to have a nervous system. It sets a trap for prey with an empty, inviting hole in a Pillar Tree. and will follow its intended prey forever.

Skipgravel (Moth)
A quasi-rodent found in the High Desert. Probably about as big as a mouse.

Snuff Bug (Willow-wane)
Flying insect.

Squook (Moth)
A cousin of the smaller Canish. It is a hyperactive, ground-dwelling carnivore. It has a toothy snout. Its claws are finger-sized, and it has a slim brown and black striped body. It eats herbivorous burrowers, and makes a warning bark.

Stavanzer (Tran-Ky-Ky)
The name means "Thunder-Eater." It is shaped like a giant slug, slate grey in color, with low-set, tiny eyes. The belly is a thick, horny pad. Air is drawn in through the mouth, and expelled through vents near the tail for propulsion. It has two tusks to help gather Pica-Pedan. They move in herds, grazing on a north-south axis. A Great Old One can exceed 100 meters in length.

Stjorva (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Animal that mimics a bush.

Stoneskipper (Repler III)
Probably a fish.

Strepanong (Horseye)
Flying carnivorous animal with a wingspread of 5 to 8 meters. Has a thick, flattened body covered with feathers, bright blue eyes with yellow pupils, and hooked teeth. Rarely go below the 2000 meter mark.

Stupava Running Bird (Moth)
Resembles the Quilip. Two and 1/2 meters tall, with a bright orange crest. It is a good forager, and has a homing instinct.

Sunmori (Cachalot)
An aggressive fish.

Teallin (Cachalot)
A mollusk, similar to an Abalone. They are harvested, and about one kilo of meat (with a strong, smoky flavor) can be extracted from each.

Teleost (Cachalot)
A territorial pink and blue fish. Not very agressive.

Tendril Cat (?)
No data currently available.

Thangner (Willow-Wane)
Has a silken burrow.

Thrad (Repler III)
A fish, silvery in color.

Thoruped (Moth)
Colony insect infesting the northern hemisphere of Moth.

Toglut (Cachalot)
Part of Class Polydermata. They grow up to 4 meters long, with an orange color and pink pseudopods. They live under the sand. There are no visible eyes. Although they are very strong, they are inoffensive, and would rather run than fight.

Tokker (Midworld)
Fruit-eating animal.

Topper (Alaspin)
A hexapodal ungulate. They have thick, pillar-like legs and a massive, armored body. The armor is in the form of hexagonal plates covering the sides and back. The head has an elongated skull, and the nose plate has modified to form a horn the shape of a double-bladed axe. The horn is used to cut the tall grass for food. They are very large animals; even the calves weigh several tons. The larger bulls can reach three meters at the shoulders.

Trintaglia (Dis)
Water-dwelling animal with blue eyes, yellow-pink skin, and long, thin fins that double as wings. They have an air sac for buoyancy. Sizes range from several inches to a foot in diameter.

Turibisi Delphius (Drax IV)
A roving animal.

Vanisoar (Alaspin)
Bat-winged, gliding animal with beak and claws.

Vaxial (Dis)
Narrow, eel-like head with narrow, needle-like teeth. Dark red gill slits back of the jaws. Black eyes. Has longitudinal fins for balance. They are 20 feet long with a snakelike body. Carnivorous.

Voda (Cachalot)
Fish used for food by whales.

Vol (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Animal used for meat. Jerky and chops are the main products. The oil is also used. Butter is made from it.

Vovey (?)
Animal of a Thranx planet.

Vroqupii (Horseye)
Draft animal, huge and powerful. They have thick legs, and the belly scrapes the ground. A short, square head set on a bull neck. A line of homy plates runs along the upper jaw and sweeps back to form a low ridge over the eyes. The plates also protect the throat. Covered in short, bristly rose-colored fur. Has a hoarse, trilling cry.

Wervil (Moth)
Rust-red fur with yellow circles around the eyes. They are round-faced with short, stubby legs. Very friendly, and are a rare, protected species.

Yaryinf (Willow-Wane)
A thranx-eater. Has an endoskeleton. Smell is said to be similar to man's.

Yax'M (Moth)
Has a downy coat.