Addernt (Midworld)
Tiny, jewel-like plant or insect. When it touches flesh it digs in and eats. Then it generates and releases a purple sac containing hundreds of new adderuts. Its lifespan is very short. When used as a weapon, they are contained in a sac the size of a coconut.

Anar Tea (Rhyinpine)
There are two varieties: Black and White. The Black is grown on the higher mountainsides; the White lower on the slopes.

Arer Tree (Horseye)
The sap is used to make rubbery wheels.

Aroyt (Horseye)
Brushy plant that grows to cover as much as a half-acre. The trunk is edible, and is protected by centimeter long thorns.

Asanis (Midworld)
An air-floating bloom, blue in color.

Asfi (Willow-wane)
A cash crop. The plant is about two meters tall. The fruit is a yellow pod that grows at the top of a green and yellow stalk.

Baiga (Ulru-Ujurr)
A blooming plant.

Bexamin Vine (Willow-wane)
Produces a small, hard berry of deep ochre color. A seed inside, when crushed, mixed with water and protein produces a tasty syrup. The mature vine is about 15 meters long, and very delicate.

Blood Tree (Midworld)
It has pitcherlike leaves that collect rainwater. Tannin secreted by the tree stains water red.

Bombash (Willow-wane)
Pollinating plant.

Calderwood (Moth)
Tree with black wood. Very expensive.

Chaga (Midworld)
Bush with red-bordered, white-throated flowers. They exude a pleasant smell, and are used for perfumes.

Clown Plant (Midworld)
The flowers have interlocking spirals of pink, turquoise, and almond.

Corbyianver (Cachalot)
A harvested water plant.

Coreen (Cachalot)
Harvested water plant, said to be very useful and valuable.

Diamond-Bark Tree (Alaspin)
Large tree with a brown exterior. The bark has flashing blue sparks within it.

Dowar Flowers (Repler)
No other data currently available.

Diinawett's Plant (Midworld)
A huge orchid living on the branches of trees in a self-made ball of soil. The petals are dark chalcedony in color, many meters long, and exude a lime smell. The petals are flexable and strong. When stimulated, they thrash around violently, destroying everything they touch.

Epiphytic Bromeliad (Midworld)
Large parasitic plant, with olive-green and black leaves. The petals are a lighter green, and form a bowl where water collects.

Fireweed (Repler III)
Bright red plant that grows on open tundra.

Fugelbell (Moth)
Tree whose leaves make a bell-like tinkle when the wind blows.

Gouonn (Horseye)
Shiny-skinned oval fruit that resembles a cross between a grapefruit and a sick lime. It has purple seeds. It cannot be grown below the 2000 meter level.

Greeter (Midworld)
The fruit is bright yellow and hourglass-shaped, the size of a pear. It smells like honeysuckle, and tastes like grenadine and lemon. The pulp is nourishing and refreshing. The seeds are spread by an animal eating the fruit. The interior seed sac is pressurized, and when punctured violently expells the seeds, killing the animal eating it. The body is used for food by the seeds.

Harpberry (Moth)
A hardwood tree.

Higrig (Willow-wane)
A type of fruit.

Home-Tree (Midworld)
Also called a Weaver. The central trunk barely narrows until the 500 or 600 meter level. Then it splits and resplits, forming a basket for about a dozen meters, then recombines into one trunk on up to the top. Within the basket grows a red fruit rich in niacin. The Vines-of-Own grow around the basket.

Hyperion Tree (Annubis)
Grows in forests. It was thought the tree could not grow off-planet. The drug Bloodhype is derived from it.

Ironwood Tree (Moth, Midworld)
On Moth they grow very tall and straight, with flashing boles. They molt periodically, and iron is concentrated in the branches and leaves. This variety is possibly grown on other worlds. On Midworld, splinters of bark have a variety of uses to the colonists. The splinters are black in color.

Jacari (Midworld)
The thorns are poisonous, and used in a weapon called a Snuffler.

Jemson Kelp (Repier III)
A variety of water plant used in place of Terran tobacco.

Ji Bush (Willow-wane)
A cash crop.

Laisval (Tran-ky-ky)
Used as wheat, and is crimson in color.

Lient (Midworld)
The sap is black and sticky, and makes a good insulator.

Logulic (Willow-wane)
A very massive tree.

Maginac (Ulru-Ujurr)
A blooming plant.

Masengail (Willow-wane)
Fruit. A heady wine is made from it.

Mirror Vine (Midworld)
Hangs from trees, and has highly reflective leaves that send sunlight to lower levels of the world-forest.

Muldringia Vine (Willow-wane)
Grows thick in jungle shadow, thin and pale in direct sunlight.

Muriwood (Moth)
Used in furniture production.

Otolk (Horseye)
This tree is used to make rafting floats.

Panpanoo (Midworld)
Has broad, curved leaves. Grows in the upper levels of the forest.

Pecces (Repier III)
A coral-equivalent.

Pika-Pedan (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Closely related to the much smaller Pica-Pina. The plant grows up to three or four meters tall, with nodes a meter broad. Used as food by the Stavanzer and several other animals. Grows in huge "forests".

Pika-Pina (Tran-Ky-Ky)
Looks like a pointy, triangular sausage. Colors range from emerald to rust. It's not a true grass-between grass and mushroom. It has a very complex root system. The roots slowly melt through the ice to a certain distance, then grow a node. The node stores nutients, and acts as a base for further growth. If the roots from two different plants meet, they grow together. The taste is sweetish, but bland, like parsley. A warm-weather variety is a yellowish grass. The cold-weather variety flowers before giving way to the grass. The outer layer, when dried, treated, and drawn out on looms makes a very strong fabric. It also makes a fiberous paper that tends to blot. A liquor is also made from the plant.

Pillar Tree (Midworld)
One of the largest trees to be found on the forest world. It grows up to 750 meters tall, with the trunk as big around as a starship at the base. A great variety of plant and animal life lives in its branches.

Pseudopalm (Horseye)
The tree has table roots, and enormous green fronds.

Quianqua (Willow-wane)
Fruit. The juice is sold commercially.

Saxifrage (Terra)
Spice used in cooking.

Scraper (Hivehom)
Tree with thin, sharp leaves.

Sikreg (Horseye)
A gum used in cooking to thicken soups and stews.

Permanent-Spice (Cachalot)
Harvested water plant.

Spandawood (Moth)
Used in buildings as a sealer. The wood has a high coefficient of expansion.

Stormtreader (Midworld)
An uncommon tree, with no two growing together. It has a black and silver bole, heavily laced with metal. It grows 100 meter coils of leaf and vine. It normally maintains a lethal (to humans) charge. When struck by lightning, the power is channelled onto the ground, heavily enriching the soil. It acts like a natural lightning rod to protect the forest.

Tarmac (Moth)
Salty nut, eaten as a snack.

Tesshanda (Midworld)
Plant has a pale yellow fruit that clusters in threes. The fruit tastes like spoiled cheese and vinegar, and contains an antitoxin to at least one kind of poison.

Tettoq (Willow-wane)
Tree grown in orchards.

They-Who-Keep (Midworld)
The colonists' original name is lost. An enormous tree with cracks in the meters-thick bark. The tree is part of a funeral ceremony. The bodies of humans and Furcots are placed in the cracks, where the tree modifies the bodies and absorbs the mind of the being. This tree is possibly the source of the life-doubling extract discovered by the station.

Tuntangcle (Midworld)
Probably a vine, with tiny, dark flowers. Each flower carries a poisonous, explosive spine.

Vermillion (Midworld)
Plant has red flowers that collect rainwater.

Vermilliot (Midworld)
It grows with the Vermillion, but has slight differences: a darker red color, two extra petals, and a thickening at the base. The liquid it contains looks like rainwater, but is really powerful acid.

Vines-of-Own (Midworld)
Grows on the Home Tree. A tangled vine with a broad flower and a pollen sac that grows around the basket. If touched, the pollen sac releases its pollen. If breathed,the victim chokes to death. By spitting into a flower, the vine will move aside, admitting a person it recognizes.

Weoneon (Willow-wane)
A cash crop.

Willoweed (Repler III)
No other data currently available.

Yyrbittium Trumpet-Blooms
A weedlike plant said to be priceless. They have tube-shaped petals and cormine blooms. The plant contains heavy concentrations of Yittrium and Ytterbium, both rare-earth elements.