--- Chemicals, Drugs, Medicines and Poisons ---

An artificially-produced illegal drug that requires large production facilities and extensive chemical knowledge.

Used in surgery to slow the Thranx heartbeat to near-zero without ill effect.

White, crystalline narcotic, derived from the Hyperion Tree on Annubis. Also called Jaster, Brain-Up, Phinto, and Silly Salt. The drug is comprised of odorless, clear rhombohedral crystals with a glassy luster. Concoidal fracture, with the lines of fracture turning blue. The darker the blue, the more pure the sample. It affects any creature with a complex nervous system and a circulatory system. The drug affects the nerve endings all over the body, distorting the information received, and giving a pleasurable sensation. A moderate dose produces a "fire fit": an intense burning sensation. Once exposed, physical addiction is certain. Withdrawal symptoms begin about 72 hours after exposure. Symptoms are: a loss of coordination, severe emotional changes, and erratic heart and muscle action. After 144 hours the chance of a painful death rise to 98%. A cure is possible, using advanced medical machinery to stabilize the physical condition until the drug is flushed from the body, but it is not always a success. Direct injection of the highly illegal drug is the most common method of application, but inhaling also works.

Brain-Enhancement Serum
Discovered on Terra in 2270 A.D.. It allowed the Cetacea to utilize all of their brain.

Cerebroneural Depressant
A fancy term for "sleeping pill". Possibly part of a standard survival belt.

Chaga Perfume
A nice scent derived from the Chaga plant on Midworld.

Standard contraceptive, administered at regular intervals.

Administered in a series of numbered capsules that remove the natural emotional safeguards from the mind. The capsules contain complex hormones taylored to a specific emotion. The intensity of the effect is determined by the interval between capsules. The effect lasts about 36 hours. While the emodrugs themselves are probably not addictive, their effect can be. The sale of emodrugs is legal, but stand on shaky moral ground.

Energy Pills
Part of a standard survival belt.

Reduced from formicary foam in the oceans of Cachalot. It is an enzyme that scours clean the circulatory system, and prevents strokes. Very useful in surgery.

An illegal drug; possibly artificial.

Felturney-B An illegal drug, related to Feltumey. Probably artificial.

Heightened Instinctual Perception Drugs
The production and distribution of the HIPnosis drugs is very carefully watched. A black-market variety is availible, but is most likely to cause phyisical damage. The prime use is on SCCAM Stingships. The drug has differing effects on the human and thranx systems. Human-hpightens perceptions, and removes inhibitions (both natural and artificial) on the "killer instinct". One side effect is a feeling of euphoria while under the drug's influence. Thranx-heightens perceptions, and stimulates the natural split-second decision making and logical evaluation abilities. The Antidote leaves an aftertaste, and a feeling of lethargy, and a weakening of the limbs.

Illegal drug first used on Terra.

Immortality Extract
Obtaned from burls found on certain trees on Midworld. The drug gives the taker a doubled lifespan. It is comprised of very complex proteins, and is impossible to synthesize.

An addictive drug, used by the Mai on Horseye.

An artificially produced illegal drug.

Medical Gelatin
Translucent white in color, used to support a patient's weight.

Minidrag Venom
Corrosive and very toxic nerve poison, death occurs within 100 seconds. An Antidote does exist, but the odds of getting it to the victim are very poor.

An illegal drug.

An illegal drug.

Projector Polish
A liquid used to polish the projecting fan of a starship. Said to be poisonous.

Sugarsalt Solution
Part of a standart survival belt.

Medicine used for gout in animals.

A drug so illegal, few people know of its existence.

Illegal drug.

Vol Dung
Used to poison the tips of arrows on Tran-Ky-Ky.

Yellow-green stone used as building material on Alaspin.

Bronine Rainbow Craters
Mined on Evoria. May be a surrounding material for Diamond.

Mineral found on Terra and Willow-Wane.

Mineral found on Terra and Willow-Wane.

Mineral found on Terra and Willow-Wane.

Black mineral used for chrome-plating. Found on Terra and Hivehom.

Crystal found on Terra, and other worlds. Orange in color.

Mined on Terra and Hivehom. Radioactive metal.

Rare, heavy metal that looks like irridescent Azurite, but greener and much harder. Found on Alaspin, but is rare on other worlds. The Thranx name is Fonheese, or Devoriar Metal.

Pure, crystalized carbon. Mined in Kimberlite on Terra. Found also on Alaspin, and possibly on Evoria. An opalized variety is found on Alaspin. Used in jewelry and industry.

Very durable material. Whether stone or metal is uncertain.

A normally green gemstone, but a black variety is found on Alaspin.

A mineral similar to Granite; found on Terra and Moth.

Common Igneous rock used for building material. The Alaspinian variety is gold-tinged, and contains a higher proportion of mica.

Rare gemstone found in streambeds on Moth, and perhaps other planets. It is an electric orange in color, made of a basic alumina-silicate. Size of individual stones is from 212 carats up. With proper fasceting, a gem displays an amazing similacrum of a human eye. After being cut, the gem generates an emotional response within the observer due to the peculiar piezoelectric fields within the stone.

Black mineral formed in filaments.

Fairly expensive metal. Filigree plating used as decoration.

Janus Jewel
A very unique silicate as hard as corundum, with a hollow interior filled with a thick fluid. The fluid has proved impossible to synthesize. Possibly a unique mineralogical mutation, the only known mine is on Ulru-Ujurr. The 'gems were formed in pockets of volcanic gas, and lie in a different type of material from the mountain. The interior fluid has impurities, showing up as different-colored motes drifting within. Smaller crystals have one color, though up to five are known. Once broken, a stone cannot be repaired. A break in the intricate crystal-liquid structure detroys the stone's individual piezoeclectric potential. The jewel glows with a soft inner light. Using a headset and certain electronics, an operator can use mind power to create pictures within the stone using the impurities. The jewels can have a hypnotic "play" programmed into it.

Metal found on Tran-Ky-Ky. May be an untranslated word for a known material.

Expensive, luminous crystal, used as decoration.

Usually found with Hallowseye. It is a different type of silicate, though an expert is needed to tell the raw stones apart. It does not generate an electric field. Also called False Hallowseye and Idiot's Delight.

A glass formed by volcanos. Usually a very dark green in color, with extremely sharp edges. Found on Terra, Willow-Wane, and Tran-Ky-Ky.

Has a comparative hardness rating of 14. It is found in volcanic vents of green clay. Color ranges from bright green to violet. Mined on Drax IV, and Mantis, and is used by the natives of Tran-Ky-Ky as barter with the humanx outpost. One famous specimen is the Green Nova, from the Drax IV mine. It is about the size of a man's fist, and priceless.

White mineral used in paving stones on Horseye.

Grey-white stone found in the High Desert on Moth.

Possibly a combination of Platinum and Iridium. Found on Alaspin.

Rose Crystal
Used in carvings. Possibly found on Repler III.

Blue gemstone found on Terra and Alaspin.

The type found on Horseye is dark, and much older than the Tenran counterpart.

Luminous crystal used in decoration. Possibly expensive.

Star Ruby
Red gemstone similar to Sapphire, with a star shape reflected within it.

A very heavy dull grey metal of the Platinum group, an isotope of Indium. Under proper conditions it is exothermic (self-heating), and this property is possibly variable.

Gemstone found on Alaspin, and perhaps other worlds. Used in jewelry.

Gemstone used in jewelry. Found on Terra and Moth.

Red crystal usually found with Quartz Crystal.

Orange-red crystal used in jewelry.

Metal found on Tran-Ky-Ky. Possibly an untranslated word for a known metal.

Possibly a metal. Used in jewelry.

A fusing of ceramics and steel. Used in knives.

A grey material that is extremely tough, and will hold an edge indefinitely. An electrodyne forge is necessary to mold duralloy. A sufficient impact will shatter it, and with the proper leverage it can be bent. Used to make hulls for starships, shuttles, boats, and blades for survival knives.

A fusing of glass and steel. Used in windshields.

A transparent material that is extremely tough. Used in windshields. Also called Plexalloy.

A fusing of steel and ceramic. The difference between Steelamic and Ceramisteel may be in the proportions of steel and ceramic.