Charged-Particle Pistol
Thranx weapon that fires explosive pellets capable of destroying chiton.

Dart Pistol
Made of black metal. Fires compact explosive shells, or organic darts that dissolve in the bloodstream so both dart and toxin become indetectable.

Electrocution Gun
A supercooled dense battery pack supplies power. The gun fires a nail-paring sized needle with a wire attached. The wire acts as a guide and delivers the lethal charge. A good shot can fire accurately around several corners.

Hornet VI Needle Thrower
A slim, possibly magnetically-powered weapon.

Laser Pistol
A versatile weapon, and part of a standard survival belt. It is capable of killing a man at 500 meters, or cooking a steak at 1. Other uses include burning and welding, and at widest angle is a powerful flashlight. It has a power dial on one side, and needs periodic recharging. Also known as a Beamer.

Fires a tightly-focused beam of energy about the diameter of a pencil. The radiation used is outside the visible spectrum, though on some models a faint greenish glow can be observed in a darkened room.

Neuronic Pistol
An energy weapon with a wide angle of effect. A near-miss causes a painful tingling sensation. An almost-hit would cause a man to shake himself to death in uncontrollable muscle spasms. A direct hit in the heart or brain kills instantly.

Paralysis Beamer
Pistol fires a bolt of light that causes paralysis of the muscles. It is dangerous to use on a person with a heart condition, or on a small animal. The effect is dispersed over distance, and not very accurate. The beam does not affect inanimate objects.

Paxton 5
A heavy, thick-bodied weapon that launches self-propelled missiles with explosive warheads. Rather clumsy and awkward at short range.

Phonic Stilleto
Has a small, greyish handle easily concealed in the hand. It generates a short cone of high-intensity sound capable of cutting through anything. It is said to be impossible to detect or guard against.

A hand gun that fires fist-sized globes of red fire. Whatever is hit by the globe is consumed in a flash of fire.

A weapon like a blowgun, but powered by an elastic band. Used by the Otoids of Alaspin. Not very accurate.

Secun Vibraknife
Battery-powered, with a vibrating blade. It is capable of cutting many metals and most plastics. Ceramics are immune, however.

Hand gun attached to forearm-mounted, muscule-sensitized rail for rapid deployment.

Used by the colonists on Midworld. It is a tube of green wood, 1.5 meters long, I cm at the tip, 6 cms at the butt. The butt opens to let the operator insert a poisonous Jacari Thorn and a gas-filled Tank Seed. When the trigger is pressed, an ironwood needle punctures the seed, forcing the thorn out at a fair velocity. The weapon seems to be very accurate.

Lightweight body armor. Wears and flexes like ordinary clothing. Derived from synthesized, genetically-modified spider silk.

A Thranx weapon that throws a bolt of electricity.

A heavy, spiked club used by the Mai on Horseye.

Beam Cannon
Mounted on a skimmer, with a color of dull antimony. It has a barrel 2.5 meters long attached to a device of ceramics, glassalloy, and spun metal. It fires a beam of azure color, and has a range at least 10 times that of a hand beamer.

Gelsite Torpedos
Used on Church submarines. Possibly a concussion weapon.

A very high explosive. It is brown in color, and electrically activated. 100 grams is enough to kill everyone in a fairly large space. Used by the Commonwealth, but also known by the AAnn.

Mark XX Blaster
Tripod-mounted, with a separate battery pack. It fires green bolts of very high energy.

Molecular Debonder
Possibly a beam weapon, but lately new evidence indicates it may be psionic. It affects interatomic bonds, and cannot be detected by ordinary scanners. Very secret.

Anticollapsar Weapon
Invented by the Hur'rikku, it is about 100 meters in length, and 30 in diameter. It is rusty brown in color, and covered in script. There are bumps and holes in some spots, and things like antennae on each end. The key to activating the device is an intelligent living (?) machine-creature. It splits into four parts that match areas on the device, and fits itself into them. Openings in the surface are gateways to an antimatter universe. Any matter placed into such an opening triggers the device. It releases the pent-up energy that has been building since the device was created. The energy comes together in a "slingshot effect" that pierces a hole into the other universe. The energy in the other universe spills into ours, and annihilation of matter occurs on a very large scale.

Explosive Projectiles
Carried on Commonwealth Navy KK-drive ships.

Implosion Weapons
Carried on Commonwealth Navy KK-drive ships.

Interspace Laser
Carried on KK-drive ships; both Navy and private. It is mounted on a wide belt that circles the ship, so it can be aimed in any direction. The control console has a standard configuration, and is mounted in a self-contained blister. The beam is green, and is capable of effect over a distance of 3,000,000 kilometers.

Built by the Tar-Aiym. It is a rectangular pyramid, about I by 3 kilometers, and about 12 km high. It rests on a circular base. It is 150 meters thick, with rounded corners inside. The door is 20 meters thick, and 30 high. The building is probably composed of metal- reinforced polyceramic. The door opens automatically for even one person, provided that person carries at least one item of recognizably worked metal. The air inside is humanx-normal; the light is dimmer and blue-green; the temperature is warm and mild. Inside, a row of Aiym-normal seats are arranged in an ampitheatre surrounding a raised platform. A transparent dome covers a couch within; a smaller dome covers one end of the couch. Chromatically colored pipes run from the dome to the ceiling, and alcoves with controls are located along the back wall. Walkways extend downward to unguessed levels. An "A-Class" mind is necessary to operate the Krang at full power. It uses music to key operations. The Krang generates a high-intensity gravity fiel d that can be focused within 2 meters of a target anywhere within several light-years. It uses the planet's two windglitter layers to generate a sonic shield for planetary defense. The Krang is a semi-sentient being in its own right.

Paralysis Beam
A close-range weapon that immobilizes life forms.

SCCAM Missile
SCCAM is an acronym for Severely Concentrated and Catastrophic Accelerated Motion. It consists of a small thermonuclear device and a KK-drive. The missile's casing is made of Osmiridium. It is launched using a stingship's own drive field. At a safe distance the missile's own drive is activated. The missile is attracted to another ship's drive field; and the two interacting fields, coupled with a fusion explosion, destoy the ship. The system is incapable of a near-miss.

Surface-to-Space Laser
A ground-based system used for protection at Church Task Force bases.